Hazel & Grant’s Pendrell Hall Wedding

Hello everyone.

This is Hazel & Grant, two of the most lovable, emotional and downright fabulous people you could hope to meet. As photographers we get to hide in plain sight as we crash weddings and record the sheer joy of all those taking part. Hazel & Grant invited us be a part of their amazing day last year, Hazel had a beautiful vision of how she wanted her vintage style wedding to be and realised it brilliantly on the day, Grant the strong man of few words and great emotion whose talents shone through as the day progressed ( he plays guitar with an Arctic Monkeys tribute band who were amazing!) ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’ …oh yes you did!

From the tears during the service to the giggles together and the rock out in the evening, this was a day that will live long in our memories. Thank you both for letting is share that with you.