Are you ready….


You’ve got your tickets, you’ve got your best buddies in tow, Lets get to the wedding show & find that champagne bar I hear you say!

Beyond the rising hubbub of excited folk planning their dream day, take a moment.. remember that day they asked you those four little words  ‘will you marry me’, that feeling you had.

Bottle it, times it by a hundred & imagine you’re about to walk down the aisle.. In that dress you spent a million hours trying to find, the shoes, the SHOES you tried on, but these are the awesome ones. The ‘oh so pretty’ flowers that you hoped would look as gorgeous as you imagined..and they do.

Your dutiful bridesmaids, have been with you every step of the way are behind you in a bubble of anticipation, they look beautiful, the hair, make up & morning of girlie prep began calmly, you’re glad you choose your dearest friend as bridesmaid, she knows just when to top your glass of prosecco & change that tune playing to stop the overwhelming feeling that this day is here, what a journey.

You’re nearly at the altar, in a few seconds you’ll be saying ‘I do’… they look round & see you as a bride for the first time, tears are falling as your betrothed takes your hand & whispers ‘my wife to be, you look absolutely stunning’.

You stumbled & giggled your way through the vows, & walked down the aisle united together forever. We did it, how amazing! You see all the smiling faces looking at you both…many congratulations, hugs, kisses & chats fill the next hour.

The nervous bestman has rehearsed his speech he can’t wait for his time to come & go, so he can down that next pint. The venue looks like all the pages you’ve ever pinned on pinterest, like silent worker bees the venue staff, caterers, waitresses seamlessly scurrying round all day ensuring your day is just perfect. The food, yum.. who knew a roast beef dinner could look like a work of art and the pudding, oh my wordy you have to make room for the pudding. Aunty Marg has had a bit too much pimms & Grandad is nodding off in the corner already.

The cake, it’s a shame to cut this masterpiece it should be raised on a plinth & be admired forever.

The evening is here, your looney workmates have arrived, now lets get this party started.

The first dance is upon you, why did we think a strictly routine was a good idea?!

In a haze of euphoric tipsiness you dance the night away with all your loved ones.

This was the best day ever ….

Everything above are moments we’ve witnessed & captured throughout our time being wedding photographers, and we would love to do the same for you.

We love weddings & if you like what you’ve read then i’m sure you’ll like us..we’d love to meet you. We’re Eve & Jason, husband & wife team at Shepherd Photography ..stand G73
The NEC, National Wedding Show, 29th Sept- 1st October 2017.